Oro del Maso is a Parmesan-type cheese that is produced in the Alto Adige region of Italy. Its entire production method is maintained out of respect for traditional cheesemaking processes, using only pristine milk from mountain farms. Oro del Maso is hard cheese, suitable for grating, but also preferred as a table cheese. Its 12 month maturation gives Oro del Maso a crumbly texture, full aroma and intense flavor. Try it drizzled with olive oil before the meal or topped with a drop of honey as a dessert cheese.

This grand cheese (a whole wheel weighs over 80 pounds) is made entirely by hand using traditional copper basins. Because all of the milk comes from the pastures of Alto Adige, we can be sure that the cheese is 100% GMO free. The cows that produce its milk feed on fresh, aromatic plants and hay from the surrounding alpine pastures, giving this cheese its characteristic golden-straw color. At only 26g of fat per 100g of cheese, it is even lower in fat than its more famous cousin, Parmigiano Reggiano.


Extremely versatile, Oro del Maso can be enjoyed in many ways. It is particularly suited for grating and is excellent sprinkled over pasta dishes and soups. It can also be enjoyed in slivers as a starter, combined with sparkling white wine. When incorporated into a main dish or at the end of a meal, pair Oro del Maso with matching wines like Pinot Noir or Lagrein.


INGREDIENTS: Thermalized cow's milk, salt, rennet, egg white lysome. Contains MILK & EGG.

Oro del Maso 12 Monate gereift 1 Kg


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