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How to place an order?

Simply browse the categories or use the shop to find what you are looking for

If  you have found  the items you like, select quantity, then click  " Add to Cart " button.

Once you've found everything you want to buy, click on Checkout, now review your order and click on Place Order to confirm.  You will receive a confirmation email with the total amount including shipping costs and  payment methods after the order is completely checked.

How can I order?

Just browse through the categories or in the shop to find the goods you want. When you have found the product you want, click on Add to Cart to add it to the shopping cart. Then you can either continue shopping or press checkout directly. Here it is now possible to check the shopping cart. If everything is correct, press Place Order to place the order. You will then receive a confirmation of your purchase with all the important information about shipping costs, total amount and payment methods. Please note that the delivery can consist of several partial shipments.


We accept bank transfers within Thailand (no fees) and Credit Cards  PayPal (+ 2.9% fee).  The payments must be done before the delivery. The payment slip please sent to 

After the payment confirmation your order will proceed.


Payment can be made via bank transfer (no fees) or credit card via PayPal (+ 2.9% fees) within Thailand. Payment is to be made in advance. Please send the transfer receipt to:

After receipt of payment has been confirmed, your order will be prepared and shipped within the processing time.

Questions and answers:

-Can the goods also be ordered in portions (a 200gr, vac.)?

Depends on the article and can be answered by specifying the corresponding article number.

-How is it shipped? -Post, -Kerry, -TNT? Box with dry ice, frozen or unrefrigerated?

The shipping method depends on the quantity and distance, and the respective supplier also plays a role. Products that have to be delivered chilled are also chilled accordingly and are also delivered that way, usually in a styrofoam box provided for this purpose, of course. For example, if it is exclusively canned or smoked goods, it can also be sent unrefrigerated.

-Is there a shipping cost list? Minimum purchase? Volume discounts?

The minimum quantities or the minimum purchase are the specified standard values for the respective product such as 1.0Kg, 1 piece, 12 pieces, etc.  Kg of an individual item is possible (not in total) and must be requested in advance, as well as a discount or a voucher for the next purchase is possible for canned goods and other items.

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