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Nudel Sauce - Champignon Tomate 6 x 360ml

Quality Ingredients

All Pasta Sauces are made using the freshest vine-ripened plum tomatoes, onions, garlic, and Italian herbs grown in Thailand, as well as imported Italian olive oil. Other flavour-specific imports such as Italian olives and Italian Parmesan cheese contribute in achieving authentic Italian flavours. 



The method of production is as close to the original as possible. Fresh ingredients are visually sorted for quality; vegetable damage is removed. Ingredients are then cleaned manually and prepared in a traditional manner, without the use of large automated equipment, then combined and simmered for hours to achieve a rich traditional flavour.


Healthy Choice

No preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours are used. The company is FDA compliant and GMP certified with an "Excellent" rating, so you can be assured this Pasta Sauce is a healthy choice. In addition, many of our pasta sauces are suitable for vegetarian diets.


Not Just for Pasta

Pasta Sauces can be used for much more than just pasta, you can also make quick, easy and delicious soups, pizza, chicken/beef/pork dishes, seafood, stews, snacks, and more.


Nudel Sauce - Champignon Tomate 6 x 360ml

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