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Schweizer Käse Le Marechal ca. 7 Kg


Le Marechal ca. 7 Kg


Le Maréchal, an artisanal style raw milk cheese prepared in the heart of the Vaud countryside celebrates the tradition of authentic and conscientious craftsmanship.


Its name honours the great grandfather of the Rapin family, Émile Rapin (1852 to 1943), a blacksmith from Corcelles-près-Payerne. Deeply devoted to his work, with a generous heart and a hearty appearance, Emile represents the values true to this cheese, both original and generous in its nature.


Produced in the artisanal cheese making facility of the Rapin family, Le Maréchal is a melt-in-the-mouth cheese, whose flavor is subtly accentuated by the addition of organic herbs. Twice a day, Jean Michel, Grégory, Kevin and Mathias Rapin open their doors to the fresh and still hot milk delivered, by 13 farms from the Vaud region.


In accordance with local cheese making traditions, the Rapins transform the milk into cheese no later than ten hours after the cows have been milked. The cheese is then wrapped in cloth and pressed into molds. During the ripening phase, the Rapin family adds a mix of aromatic organic herbs.


Only milk from the local countryside
Le Maréchal is produced using milk supplied by 13 local farms. Respectful of nature and their cows, the local producers guarantee the quality of their milk which is naturally rich in Omega 3. The Omega 3 are also naturally found in the Le Maréchal cheese.

Schweizer Käse Le Marechal ca. 7 Kg

VAT Included |
ca. 3-4 Wochen
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