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Taleggio DOP Käse 2 Kg


Der Taleggio-Käse ist durch eine entsprechende Ursprungsbezeichnung geschützt und wird mit Vollmilch erzeugt. Seine Benennung stammt aus dem Taleggio-Tal in der Provinz Bergamo. Taleggio „Val Taleggio“ reift etwa 35 Tage in einem Kästchen aus Kiefernholz bei einer Raumtemperatur von 6°C und 95% Feuchtigkeit in den typischen Kellern des Taleggio-Tals. Taleggio DOP is a classic Italian washed rind cheese with a creamy texture, balanced with a distinctive yeasty flavour. The micro-climate in the natural caves near the village of Pasturo, where these cheeses are matured high in the Italian Alps, encourages the development of a unique flora on the outer rind. Washed and brushed several times over a month, and matured in stacked wooden pine boxes, the cheese develops a thin bloom flecked with grey yeasts and blue Penicillium mould on its distinctive orange rind. The colour and pungent aroma of the rind is due to the presence of Brevibacterium linens.


Beneath the thin, crusty rind the ivory texture of the cheese begins to change slowly as it ripens, becoming buttery and soft. History about Taleggio In 1920s Emilio Mauri built a large factory in the small mountain village of Pasturo, not only to collect and ripen local cheese, but also to make cheese. Lombardy’s rich green pastures and clean mountain air are the reason for such high quality milk. 


*DOC = Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Controlled Designation of Origin) Goes well with: Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Yeasty Blonde Beer


DETAILS Cheese Type: Washed Rind Country: Italy Milk Type: Cow Pasteurisation: Pasteurised Rennet Type: Animal Based Classification: Artisan


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