Der natürlich süße Brotaufstrich aus dem reinen Saft erntefrischer Zuckerrüben. Probieren Sie Grafschafter Goldsaft auch zu Müsli, Joghurt, Waffeln, Reibekuchen und vielem mehr!


Sugar beet breakfast spread


was already at the breakfast table with grandmother and is still a classic in the healthy kitchen: Our gold juice in the yellow cup! Whether as a malty-sweet spread, to refine sauces or as a special baking ingredient: it is a delicious alternative to many industrial products and traditional part of the Rhenish food culture.


Gold juice is pure sugar beet syrup, which we produce from freshly harvested sugar beets - of course without any chemical additives. It is created solely by thickening the beet juice, which we squeeze out of cooked beet pulp.


Nährwertangaben je 100 g


Brennwert in kJ 1295 kJ

Brennwert in kcal 306 kcal

Fett<0,5 g

gesättigte Fettsäuren<0,5 g

Kohlenhydrate70,0 g

Zucker66,0 g

Eiweiß2,3 g

Salz0,03 g

Ballaststoffe5,0 g



Grafschafter Goldsaft Zuckerrübensirup 500gr


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