Emmi Tilsiter Switzerland 45% F.i.T ca. 4 Kg, fall darüber, erfolgt eine Nachberechnung.


Tilsiter Switzerland Medium (red)


The red Tilsiter Switzerland is a classic amongst the semi-hard cheeses from Switzerland. It is produced with a great deal of love and expertise by small family businesses in the cantons of Thurgau and St Gallen, as well as in the Zurich highlands. Each wheel is made by hand and carefully treated in the cheese cellar during the maturation period. The dairy farmers and cheesemakers know each other personally. The milk is always fresh thanks to the short transport routes, while constant quality controls – from the milk supply to the ready-to-eat cheese – guarantees that this Tilsiter Switzerland can always be enjoyed to the full.


Whether medium mature or strong: the red cheese is a natural and versatile talent – whether used in cold or warm dishes. It is also especially impressive as an organic speciality. The organic Tilsiter Switzerland is exclusively produced in the Käserei Bio-Maseltrangen in Rufi SG. The “Bio Knospe” (organic label) represents the gentle treatment of animals, nature and raw materials. 


Emmi Tilsiter Switzerland 45% ca. 4 Kg

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