Zur Auswahl stehen verschiedene Gewürze für die Wurstherstellung. Nach dem Kauf bitte spezifizieren.

You can choose from a variety of spices for making sausages. Please specify after purchase.



Premium Plain Pork - A popular mix for both thick and thin breakfast pork sausages.

Chipolata - A household favourite for all the family and for making those seasonal specials like Pigs in Blankets

Cumberland - Originally Salt & Pepper was the only ingredient but now with added herbs.

Pork & Cracked Black Pepper - A very popular sausage especially when serving sausage & mash.

Pork & Kampot Pepper - Ideal for the weekly special.

Smokey Pork - A sausage customers are choosing more regular due to the growing interest in Smoking BBQ Pits.

Chargrilled Pork - A very satisfying mix that customers request regularly.

Lincolnshire - Often referred to as a Pork & Sage Sausage which for many years was found in Lamb Casings only.

Pork & Sage - Probably our best seller !

Farmhouse Pork - A family favourite for those cosy meals in.

Sage & Onion - Often called a Farmhouse Sausage a family favourite.

Frankfurter - A German style sausage ideal for grilling and the BBQ.

Lamb, Mint & Rosemary - Ideal for Lamb, Goat or Game Meat.

Hickory Smoked Burger- When you need something different, then this seasoning is always worth considering.

Chargrilled Burger- Good for both white and red meats.

Grapao - Use with poultry for best results.

Tikka - Chicken or lamb work best with this mix.

Merguez - A Moroccan sausage recipe usually made  with lamb or goat meat, however a super ingredient for use with pheasant.

Borewors - Traditional South African flavours.

Turkey - Simple and satisfying

Currywurst - German curry sausage


Wurstgewürze Sausage Seasonings 1Kg


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