Wildfilets 2 Stück ca. 1,2-1,4 Kg

Venison Tenderloin 1.2-1.4 Kg (2 pieces)


Venison Tenderloin is the same cut of meat that is called the Filet Mignon in beef. Typically the Filet Mignon is taken from the tip of the tenderloin, but can be the entire Tenderloin. This is the most tender of all cuts.


Venison meat is low in fat, cholesterol and calories. No hormones, antibiotics or steroids are added.

Our animals are fed exclusively with 100% natural forage.



  • High in nutrients like iron, zinc and B vitamins
  • Leaner than beef
  • Leaner than pork tenderloin or chicken breast (with skin)
  • Raised on natural feed
  • No antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones or steroids

Venison is the ideal meat to include as part of a healthy and balanced diet


Cuts of venison tend to have a finer texture and be leaner than comparable cuts of beef. Our venison is superior-quality lean red meat that offers great taste, tender texture, and excellent health benefits. Full of flavour and very lean, perfect with berries and fruit flavours such as cranberry sauce It can be as simple as served lightly salted with chips or marinated with butter and herbs and fried in a fry pan or barbecued.


Bring flavour to the table – but no extra fat or cholesterol. Naturally lean, venison has 1/5 of the fat of regular beef, with less cholesterol and less calories.


Venison is best cooked quickly over a high heat, ideal for barbequed steaks or a stir-fry. Cook to rare or at the most medium rare. When cooked remove from stove and wrap in foil until ready to serve.


Wildfilet Venison Tenderloin 2 pieces ca. 1,2-1,4 Kg


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