GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL "SOPHIA" 500ml SOFIA means knowledge, study and wisdom in Greek. The above factors compose the Greek culture and simultaneously characterize our own extra virgin olive oil, i.e. all the wisdom behind every golden drop that you taste. It constitutes a P.G.I. (protected geographical indication) extra virgin olive oil of Laconia, thus sealing its high quality. The Lakonian area is one of the traditional and most recognized olive oil producing areas worldwide. The superior nutritional values of this product are interpreted by the excellent quality of the fruit, that belongs to the unique varieties “Myrtolia” and “Athinolia”, by its production and harvesting processes and finally by the combination of its instant crushing / pressing with its mild processing. The above factors give golden color, aroma of mature olive fruit, very low acidity and high content in vitamin E. This superb product could be packaged only in our sophisticated glass containers of 250ml and 500ml. Transform your recipe to culinary experiences. Reference:

Sparta Sophia Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


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