Soprassata Toscana 

Original italienischer Pressack Schwartenmagen


Our Soprassata Toscana is one of the poor and tasty cold cuts from the peasant tradition. It is a product that has its own history and seasonality and must be consumed fresh, a few days after preparation.

The above Tuscany is prepared all over Tuscany and those prepared in Arezzo, Siena and Lucca are well known. Also appreciated in the neighboring regions as a delicious and aromatic salami, it is also called "head in crate", capofreddo, soprassata, capaccia or "coppa di testa". Depending on the area in which it is produced, it still has a moderate success in the counters of the street bakeries and food shops. In past years it was part of the poor sausages, because of its origin. The brawn is in fact produced with the less noble parts of the pig such as neck, head, rind, cheeks, tongue. Those that were discarded in the preparation of other cured meats. For its preparation a special procedure is necessary - with the use of a burlap sack or in any case of a coarse-textured fabric, and in some cases of rest period of about twenty days before consumption, which is however limited in time .


The Soprassata Toscana is obtained from the heads, tongues, pork rinds cooked in water. When cooked, the meat is minced and mixed with salt, pepper, spices, garlic, chopped rosemary, lemon zest or orange. Everything is packed in a circular jute fiber container; leave to cool and then serve sliced. The color varies from intense pink to gray, depending on the ingredients used.


Soprassata Toscana Schwartenmagen Pressack am Stück


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