Pancetta Arrotolata - Italienischer, gerollter Bacon ca. 1 Kg


Rolled pancetta

National Pork pancetta worked with hand care and undergoes careful salting salting with salt, spices and herbs for a short period of time.

As soon as salting is finished the bacon is washed by salt and further cleaning occurs only to be topped with herbs and spices (with pepper prevalence) and tied by hand according to the rules of traditional artisan. The protection of the rind and a prolonged maturing enhance the delicate flavor. Excellent for cold dishes, appetizers and snacks.


  • Rolled Roast with pancetta.
  • meat nibbles and pancetta.
  • Potatoes wedges with cheese and pancetta.
  • chicken rolls with pancetta and smoked cheese.
  • Pasta with pancetta.
  • rolls with asparagus and pancetta.
  • Crepes au gratin asparagus, pancetta and brie.
  • puff grit, celery and rolled pancetta.
  • white pizza with mozzarella, zucchini flowers and rolled pancetta

Pancetta Arrotolata - Italienischer gerollter Speck ca. 1 Kg


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