Paysan Breton Brie ca. 3.3 Kg Wheel


Der Geschmack der Bretagne


Paysan Breton ist tief verwurzelt im Herzen der Bretagne. Seit 1969 steht die Marke der Molkereigenossenschaft Laïta für authentische, ehrliche, gesunde und aromatische Produkte aus dem Nordwesten Frankreichs.


Paysan Breton verbindet traditionelles Know-how und innovative Verfahren bei der Herstellung von Emmentaler, Butter und Weichkäse wie Camembert und Brie. So garantieren äußerst fortschrittliche Methoden bei der Qualitätskontrolle, dass die Ware stets schmackhaft und frisch ist. Brie, Camembert und Emmentaler eignen sich ideal für Sandwiches, belegte Brötchen, Salate und Käseplatten sowie für warme Speisen wie Paninis, Gratins, Quiches und Blätterteig. Zudem ist der leicht fruchtig schmeckende Emmentaler der perfekte Käse für Pizzas und Flammkuchen.



Though made by one of the larger Brie producers in France, this Brie goes back to its traditional roots. This is a lactic, as opposed to a stabilized Brie. It also uses traditional  rennet and a slower coagulation. This all amounts to a cheese that ripens beautifully and develops a full, mushroomy flavor. We may never be able to find AOC Brie in the US but, with age, this one comes pretty close. Full flavored and robust, this is the Brie we've been looking for.


Delicious products from unique producers in a unique region


Behind Paysan Breton lies the dairy farming expertise of thousands of men and women. For almost 50 years, Paysan Breton has focused on bringing out the very best in the milk produced by our 7000 member farmers and providing you with quality products.


Paysan Breton products are designed to be shared and enjoyed. Produced using natural ingredients, they are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives: our focus is always on taste and quality.

Despite being a large cooperative brand, Paysan Breton remains true to its roots. Paysan Breton works hard to support the dairy farmers who own the brand, manufacturing our products in the Brittany and Loire-Atlantique regions, using top quality milk from western France.

Buying Paysan Breton is a fantastic way to support local farming.

Paysan Breton is committed to delivering authentic, delicious products for you to share and enjoy.


PAYSAN BRETON Brie Wheel ca. 3.3 Kg

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