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Mifroma Heidi Raclette Käse ca. 1,3 Kg


Raclette has been produced in Switzerland since time immemorial. Derived from the French racler - to scrape - raclette is the name given to a traditional peasant dish: old ends of cheese are melted over an open fire and poured over hot potatoes. Raclette cheese is slightly bitter and salty and is perfect for cooking. Because of its quality, this cheese is very versatile and will complete any dish with its creamy texture.


We offer a large range of raclette cheese - plain, classic and cave-aged - in addition to versions flavoured with paprika, green pepper, wood-smoked or our best-selling summer truffle recipe. The range is completed with two high-end specialities: an Organic raclette and an AOP unpasteurised-milk raclette.


Whichever flavour you choose, thanks to traditional production methods, ripening techniques and delicious milk and ingredients, all of our raclette products offer an exquisite taste of traditional Switzerland.



Produced by our cheesemakers the traditional way, in a village dairy using premium quality milk collected by farmers living only a few kilometres away.



Mifroma Heidi Raclette Käse ca. 1,3 Kg

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