Italfine has been making Prosciutto di Parma for over 30 years, always using premium quality legs selected by hand. It is one of the only plants to focus solely on prosciutto and no other salumi. The majority of their employees have been with the company a long time, some even since its inception. This kind of experience ensures optimum quality in the production, aging and consistency of the hams, with the end goal of creating a sweet and tender Prosciutto. Italfine is aged a minimum of 450 days, as opposed to 400 days by law. The prosciutto is completely cleaned and ready to slice (many in the market are “washed” and have excess fat which needs to be trimmed).


Prosciutto di Parma - Boneless

Prosciutto is known around the world, and for good reason. Leagues away from your regular supermarket ham, prosciutto di Parma originates from the Parma region of Italy, and, to be called Prosciutto di Parma, it must come from that region exclusively, and it must follow stringent and time-honored production methods. The pigs legs are carefully selected, aged for 45 days, then trimmed and put into the market. The lovely dark red color, the tender and almost sweet flavor, the oily texture, everything comes together to make Italfine Prosciutto Di Parma a sophisticated and superior product. Without the bone, this make a great gift for a connoisseur, as the whole leg will last a long time, becoming more delicious with age. No refrigeration needed. Slice thinly as needed and serve in an antipasto platter, over cantaloupe for a traditional Italian appetizer, or in a sandwich.



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