Extra virgin olive oil


Sicilia – Italia


Area of ​​production: Valle del Belice – Sicily
Altitude: 30-300 mt. On the sea level
Olive variety: Nocellara del Belice
Harvesting: By hand
Extraction: Continuous cold cycle
Natural decantation: Steel silos “Under Nitrogen”
Acidity: mean = 0.15%,
No. Peroxides: mean = 3,8
Polyphenols: mean = 427

Density: medium to high
Feature: Slightly cloudy
Tasting notes: fruity olive green, with hints of grass, artichoke, tomato and leaf remarkable fragrance and freshness. Balanced, spicy intensity of media and bitter barely noticeable.


Serving suggestion:
with raw vegetables, soups, cheeses, salads, on meat or fish.
In the cooking roasts, sauces and baked fish. Ideal for “pinzimonio”.

Geraci Extra virgin olive oil Olivenöl Sizilien 3 Liter


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