Emborg Danablu 1 St. 3 Kg


PGI semi soft, aged cows milk blue cheese, with deep blue to purple streaks, delivering a smooth moist mouthfeel and sharp fresh tangy taste in hot and cold applications.


Renowned Danish blue cheese with smooth to crumbly texture. Riddled with blue, green veins and an edible salty tangy rind. Pleasant moist and yielding mouthfeel with a sharp tang and creamy finish. 3 kg cylindrical or drum shaped smooth blue cheese pack. BENEFITS Great in salads, with fruits, in sauces, baked, broiled or topped on burgers. Very easy to cut, crumble, mix or blend. Great in chilled or hot savory recipes where succulence and sharpness is essential. Allows for correct handling and storage in high volume kitchens.


Texture: Irregular holes plus branch canals smoothly spread in the cheese Smell and Taste: Sharp, pure pikant taste may be sharp and salty, sourish with a tendency to slightly bitter Ingredients: Milk (Cow milk), salt, Lactic culture, rennet (microbial), Penicillium Roqueforti


Nutrition information: Nutrition per 100 g


Energy 1420 kJ / 340 kcal

Protein 20 g Carbohydrate 0,1 g - of which sugars 0,1 g

Fat 30 g - of which saturates 18 g

Salt 3,2 g Sodium (not part of nutritional declaration) 1,28 g



Emborg Danablu Blauschimmelkäse ca. 3 Kg

Artikelnummer: SU09

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