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Wild cranberries 400gr

Wild cranberries - the red gold of the forest


Cranberries are not only high in vitamins and minerals, their acidic fruit juice acts like a natural antibiotic on bacteria and infections. The Indians of North America already knew about this property of the red fruits and used cranberry juice to disinfect wounds. 


Nutritional and calorific values per 100ml / 100g:

Calorific value in kcal     98
Calorific value in kJ     415
fat     <0.5 g
dav. total Fatty acids     <0.1 g
carbohydrates     22 g
of which sugars     21 g
Fiber     1.8 g
protein     <0.5 g
salt     <0.01 g


Cranberries (50%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, gelling agent: pectins, acidifier: citric acid.

Wild cranberries 400gr

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