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Palatinate Woiknorze 10 pieces x 150gr


Strictly speaking, this is a breadstick made from rye flour seasoned with lots of caraway seeds. The spicy breadsticks got their name because of their appearance.  Woiknorze  is Palatine and describes the gnarled trunk of the grapevines.


as  Gristles  becomes a special form of  bun  denotes that are baked with rye flour and sprinkled with caraway seeds and / or salt. The name comes from the appearance of the "Knorzen", which form a gnarled trunk  grapevine  are similar. Wine gnarls are also often prepared with onions and bacon.


Wine gnats are mainly in southwest Germany, especially in the regions  Rheinhessen  and the  Palatinate, very popular. In the local dialect they are called "Wingertsknorze" (Wingert = Weingarten), "Weiknorze" or "Woiknorze" (Wei or Woi = dialect for wine).


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Palatinate Woiknorze 10 pieces x 150gr

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